Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hi Zoe!

We're back in Florida after a long vacay in the midwest. Gav and I spent a couple weeks back home visiting everyone. Sadly, while we were there, Grandma Ann Paruch passed away after living more than 90 years. We miss her and it will be difficult to adjust to family get-togethers without her being with us.

John is in his final month of being a north-easterner. We really miss him and I am counting down the days until we are all together again. My mom is here with us now and is the biggest life saver EVER. Gav and I got sick the day before we flew back and poor mom has been spending her vacation taking care of us! But, there is no one better to be around when you are sick than your mama.


KD said...

What a handsome little man! Tell me he didn't really travel in that suitcase...HA! Miss ya Heidi!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heidi! Glad you're back.. Gavin is getting so big and handsome!

Anonymous said...

oh, that was from Zoe!... or you can just call me Melon!