Monday, December 19, 2005

My Overnight Plight

The overnight shift at the crisis line.... what fun! It is actually a nice change of pace to work this shift since the call volume is low and the atmosphere is quiet. It always amazes me how many people are up at all hours of the night with complaints of insomnia and how much sleep plays a role in our wellbeing. I think about how I've felt the next day after a night of not sleeping well and how grateful I am that it is not a regular occurrence. Sleep deprivation can make people ugly!

Sleep disorders affect up to 70 million people in the United States. This costs about $100 billion each year in accidents, medical bills and lost work. (Statistic from Brain Facts, Society for Neuroscience, 2002)

Let's see what else I can intrigue you with.... Sleepwalking is also known as "somnambulism"; sleeptalking is also known as "somniloquy."

My expert tip of the day: Get enough sleep. Brilliant, eh?

Friday, December 16, 2005

John's homecoming

John and I spent the last 2 days at my parent's house. Sasha was elated to see him again and she rarely left his side. At bedtime, she squeezed in between us and it was nice to have the 3 of us all together again. That night, Eric and Sarah came out to welcome John home and congratulate him on completion of his first semester of medical school. We also celebrated his "birthday week" with gifts from mom and dad. John shyly opened his gifts that included a brick of cheddar cheese, white t-shirts and a gift certificate to Circuit City. John entertained us with riddles that resulted in me actually getting a headache from laughing so hard. Sarah is just too funny for her own good. We were only allowed to ask yes/no questions in an attempt to solve John's riddles. The game was fun and we now have enough inside jokes to last us for quite awhile. The question, "were they molested?" still evokes uncontrollable laugher when I picture Eric asking it. The next day we headed to grandma and grandpa's house and they too were thrilled to have him back. Being at home now provides an even greater sense of security and comfort. Seeing the beautifully lit and decorated Christmas tree, the wrapped presents underneath of all shapes and sizes, and listening to Christmas carols during dinner paints a picture of what I consider heavenly. I am truly blessed to have such an incredible family.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Last night after work I headed down to the city to meet two dear friends (Renee and Kerri) for dinner. I felt nostalgic as I passed the "Laclede Station Road" exit on Highway 44, the way I took home so many times. The fond memories I have of my first apartment (the GT crizzo as I like to call it) in the big happenin' city of St. Louis all started to come back to me. I thought about how much I miss good ol' Georgetown....the red brick buildings, the leaves that pile high in the fall, the nights that John and I sat on the patio listening to music and conversing about life. As I cruised along the highway I remembered how giddy I felt the first time I wrote my return address using "St. Louis, Missouri". How silly is that!

Anyway, we met at "Biggies", one of our favorite places to go for waffle fries and unlimited refills of superb iced tea. All week long we sent emails about ordering those famous waffle fries. However, upon ordering, I blurted out, "baked ravioli please" and disregarded my week long quest for criss-cross potatoes. Dinner was delicious and I had a blast catching up with the girls. Upon leaving, I told Renee I intended to follow her down the side streets to the main road. She relayed to me her route and told me to follow her until the road came to a dead end. At this point I was to go right. I didn't listen. She turned at the first street we came to, and I didn't. I honked, waved and coasted right on by. As soon as I did it I realized that I had not followed directions. I busted out in laughter as my cell phone rang. On the other end I heard Renee's familiar hearty laugh and we could barely get words out as we giggled about what had just happened. I laughed about it for most of the drive home. I laughed again on my drive into work this morning. To me, this is what life is all about. Those special moments shared with loved ones, the times when "you just had to be there" to get the humor in the situation.

Friday, December 02, 2005

the JPH

I miss my husband!!!! This is the longest period of time we have ever been apart and it is agony!! I can attest that the old saying is true.....absence makes the heart grow fonder. I now have 6 pictures of John in my bedroom so that I can be reminded of his gorgeous blue eyes and sweet, reassuring smile until he finishes that grueling first semester of medical school. Next week the JPH will be reunited. I have a feeling that the next week of waiting is going to feel like a long, long time.