Friday, February 22, 2008

Fuh-reaky Friday

What a day. I never understood how stay-at-home moms would say that they need a vacation. I sooooo understand it now. Had to take Sasha today to be groomed, which is such a treat trying to do by myself with the babe. Chaos, let me tell you. Sasha does not like going, so i have to pretty much drag her in. Today she was very resistant to leaving us. And, Gavin was trying to get out of the cart to play with Sasha and did not understand why he couldn't. I finally got her dropped off, the forms signed, and Gavin back into his car seat. As I pull away I notice the lady next to me is still sitting in her car from when we got there and the hood is open. I asked if she was okay, she said yes, that her husband was on the way b/c her car wouldn't start. I offered my jumper cables, she was very grateful and accepted. Her car still wouldn't start even with the cables, so I called my dad to ask how long it should take for the car to start up. He gave me a quick, direct answer (thanks dad). The battery was definitely dead and not "jumping" to the occasion. She thanked me 3 times saying that no one else stopped to offer her help and it was very nice of me to do so with a baby.
So then we went to Walmart and the lines were so long. Helloo....can't you open a few more lanes? There are like 30 lanes at Walmart and only THREE of them open. Gavin started crying in the line and this older lady kept giving me dirty looks. It took forever and finally we came home. I had to drag in soda, milk, dog food, and bags of groceries and a crying baby. As soon as we get everything inside it was time to go BACK to Petsmart to get Sasha. They were running late and she wasn't ready yet. Gavin was already 20 minutes past his nap time by the time we got there. To keep him occupied we walked around and looked at the fish and the birds. Finally she was finished.

This is where it gets funny. Sasha came running toward me when they opened the little gate to let her out. She looked more than ready to get out of there. She jumped up on me and slimed my face. Her saliva went everywhere and it got all over my glasses. They were all smeared and i couldn't see! As i tried to wipe them off she jumped again, this time scratching the back of my leg behind my knee. It hurt SOOOO bad. She had just had her nails trimmed and there was a jagged edge on one of them. I looked at the back of my leg and there was a huge scratch and it was bleeding down the back of my leg. I tried to grab my receipt, get Sasha under control, put my purse back on my shoulder, secure my keys, and get the cart with Gavin in it out of the door to the grooming department. As i finally get us all out there was a lady walking toward us with one of those bloodhound dogs that howl. It started howling, so Sasha tried to lunge towards it. My purse fell off my shoulder again and Gavin tried to climb out of the cart to see the dog. He was laughing at the funny sounds the dog was making and Sasha started jumping up and down. My glasses were so smeared on one side that I cannot see out of my left eye. I noticed i was limping because my leg hurt so bad where she scratched me. And it was so bright outside that Gavin and I were squinting. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I decided to laugh, mostly because when I cry I get a headache and feel worse. Craziness.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Excuse my departure...

I have been busy working on final papers for my two online courses. The first one was fairly easy as it only had to be 12-15 pages. The second one however, had to be twenty five pages long. And that is just the body of the paper. Yes, I have been whining about this for weeks now, but for some reason my heart has just not been into studying this semester. Not sure why, but I have dreaded the completion of each weekly assignment. Maybe it is because we've been sick a lot during the past several weeks and my energy level has been low. Oh, well....this is my last week and two more courses bite the dust!

How is everyone? Did you have a nice Valentine's Day? We did. John got me a g/c to get a pedicure and manicure at a place nearby I like. I could not be happier! What a treat! We ate dinner at Amigo's- one of John's favorite places here to get fajitas.

More to come. I'm tired and do not want to look at the computer screen anymore tonight.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Salad Crisis

Awhile back I mentioned that I am a big fan of Wishbone's Western French dressing. Like Vernor's ginger ale, my father-in-law got me hooked on this stuff. Even though I enjoy a variety of different types of foods, I have my favorites, or my "standbys" if you will. (I love when people end a statement with "if you will....") If I will what? Anyway, except for Hidden Valley ranch, I crave and desire the western french flavor on my salads. Well, I couldn't find it at Super Target last week. I didn't think much of it, but now I haven't been able to find it at Winn Dixie or Walmart either. This is getting serious. What if they stopped making it? The makers of this french dressing (Wishbone) also markets a sister product... called Russian dressing, which is okay, but it is NOT the same as the Western. I finally had to cave and get something else. I tried Catalina's sweet honey french or something like that. I just haven't been feeling the same passion for my salad. Why can't they discontinue something else? Like the bacon ranch dressing- can't people just use regular ranch dressing and then top their greens with bacon bits? And, that orange-ish looking french dressing that some companies sell won't do either. It has to be red in color, not orange. Come on Wishbone, bring back the Western. I think I may investigate this further and possibly contact the company. This is not good.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No Standees Permitted

For those of you who rode a bus to school everyday, do you remember the words, "no standees permitted"? I recall looking at these words everyday wondering what in the world a "standee" was. Why didn't it just say, "No standing permitted". Never got that. Wonder if it is still written on the front of school buses.

Speaking of standing, Gavin is now upright. He is pulling himself up to a standing position any second he gets. He has learned how to plop down somewhat gently, but still is taking some rough tumbles at times. He is really proud of his new ability to see the world from a different, or higher, perspective.

They are testing the fire alarms today. It sure does take them a long time to see if the fire alarms are working properly....