Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the BUMBO seat

What a great invention. Thanks to Becky for getting Gavin the bumbo seat as a shower gift. He loves it! Can't you tell by the smile on his face? It helps him sit up and strengthen those muscles. It is amazing how fast he grows and changes everyday.

Runnin' to the Border

I thought you were only supposed to have cravings during pregnancy. Not so. My new favorite crave is the chicken soft taco supreme from Taco Bell. So yummy. I talked myself out of running through the drive thru before work this afternoon. Now I am regretting that decision, especially since the peeps here are chowing down on pizza. But, what is up with the stingy distribution of sauce packets at Taco Bell drive thrus? I routinely ask (in a very polite manner), "May I please have several packets of mild sauce?" They hand me 2 packets. I ask for more sauce, the girl hands me ONE more packet. I used to accept this and drive off feling irritated, but not anymore!! I continue to ask for more sauce packets until I get a sufficient amount. I mean, a minimum of 3 sauce packets is required for each item to be eaten. To be honest, I like a little taco with my sauce. Is it just me?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where does the time "guh?"


This is my favorite picture from my brother's wedding. Eric and Sarah have got to be the cutest couple ever. They truly complement one another. We are blessed to have such an amazing addition to the Danner family! We can't believe that Eric found someone as crazy as we are and that Sarah actually appreciates our insanity.

So, last night John and I met the newlyweds at Xochimilco for dinner. Tuesdays are half-priced fajitas, which means we can afford to go out to dinner! As always we were entertained by Eric and Sarah's goofiness. We relived our funny "guh" moments and got Sarah to admit that she thinks it is even a LITTLE bit funny. A few weeks ago we were all swimming and Eric asked, "Where did my towel guh?" He meant to say "go", but it didn't come out of his mouth all the way. I cracked up laughing at how funny it was (Sarah says that I only egg him on), and we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find ways to use our new word: guh. A few nights later we retold the story at a family dinner and all laughed so hysterically that no one could eat. We even woke up Gavin! For some reason stories involving Eric get funnier over time. Gotta guh!
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back to work...

Sometimes you just have to experience something yourself to really understand what other people are talking about. I returned to work this week after an extended maternity leave. I remember Becky telling me how difficult it was for her to initially leave Brody and go back to work, but I did not think much of it.....until this past Friday. I kissed Gavin, got into my car and headed to work. As I merged onto 270 I felt overwhelmingly nauseous. I began to sob thinking that by the time I got back home Gavin would already be tucked in for the evening. Prior to becoming a mommy I couldn't comprehend those feelings- at least how strong they could be. It seems to be getting easier everyday, but I can surely sympathize better now with all those new moms out there who return to work.

On the upside....John is getting a lot of time with Gavin before he resumes the crazy hours associated with school. It is exciting to think that he will soon be a "third year" involved with hospital rotations. Watching him interact with the baby makes me melt....it is so sweet and sterling.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Anyone still there????

My poor little blog....so ignored and forgotten. I am usually not this erratic as my behavior is typically routine and orderly. I'm not quite sure why I've been gone so long, but starting today I am going to try to be better. After talking about the strange day I had yesterday, Kerri encouraged me to start blogging again. So, here I am-

People are not kidding when they say your life changes after you have a baby. I never imagined that things would change so much. My world now revolves around my little guy and I cannot recall what I ever did before he was around. Gavin is proof that life is precious and that our God is a very good God. I stare at him in awe. It is amazing to look into a baby's eyes and sometimes see John, sometimes see me, sometimes see his grandpa or grandma.....a true miracle.