Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunshine is my therapy

It is so nice to have sun again. Today we took 2 walks and a long afternoon swim. By the time dinner rolled around, it was thundering again and the storm was coming in. John got home a little earlier than usual, so we all got to go to the pool. It was fun- Gavin loves jumping in from the side now into his daddy's arms. I swear, he is a little fish. He loves the water. It was a nice distraction for him today because he has another tooth coming in and it has been bothering him. Poor guy- that has to be so painful. He drools like crazy and just isn't himself.

So, my dumb moment of the day. During our walk, I passed two teenage boys. I realized that one of them was the son of one of our friends here. I asked how he was- he said he was getting ready to go to New York. I said, "ooh, I bet you will enjoy that wedder." I meant to say "weather", but I couldn't say it. I tried again and it still came out wedder. I don't know what happened to my speech skills. They both laughed and I did to, but I still don't know what that was all about.

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Rachel said...

Glad your rain is settling down. That is how I felt when we had all the fires going on. The sky was all dark from the smoke. Try Hylands Teething tablets for Gavin. I used them with all the girls, and they are awesome. They dissolve in the mouth and are all natural. You should be able to get them at Walgreens. They were the only thing that ever worked well for the girls. Teething can be really rough on baby and mom. Good luck.