Saturday, October 04, 2008

Back in the good ol' midwest

Our nomadic clan has ventured back to the midwest from Florida...for now anyway. John has 2 rotations, so we are staying in STL. I am able to work, which is a great feeling! Gma Cathy, Gpa Walt, and Aunt Karen have been helping us with Gavin so that I can work in the evenings if John is stuck at the hospital.

I've been enjoying the familiar things from home. Gus's Pretzels, White Castle, Frances Pizza, and hamburger horseshoes. It is neat to see the leaves turning colors again and to feel that cool, crisp air in the morning. We should be getting out of here just in time....before it gets too cold. Poor Gav has never had to endure a midwest winter! It seems like this may be the last time we get to be in warm weather during the winter months. John should wrap up school in the spring and we'll settle down close to home. It all depends on that residency placement though. It is a stressful time for him.

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Rachel said...

Ohhh, horseshoes...I am so jealous! That is awesome you guys get to spend time back home and see the family, and you'll get to miss the really cold weather. Burr I get cold just thinking about those winters. I don't miss them at all. I hope you guys get placed where you want to be. Enjoy the rest of your "work" week. It must be so nice to be around people who can carry on a conversation.